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Free Cycle Training

For information on cycling for the disabled please goto Wheels for Wellbeing or closer to home goto  All Ability Cycling.

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Advice & Training

Bikeability is the name for general cycle training, used to be called the cycling proficiency test. Bikeability is ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Of course it is also valid for new cyclists of all ages to undertake bikeability training. The Bikeabiility Website has more information.

Free Cycle Training

Many councils in London, including Havering, provide free training for cyclists especially children via their schools.

For adult training goto TfLs Cycle training pages to apply. The request will be sent to Havering council on your behalf. They will even loan you a bike for the first few lessons.

Alternatively visit the Cycle Confident Website , Haverings bikeability partners website, who will help arrange family and adult training sessions.

Redbridge Cycling Centre near Hainault Forest Country park have a wonderful off road circuit for road and MTB users where you can get to test out your skills in a variety of ways. They also offer 1 hour learn to ride lessons which includes personal tuition and the loan of a cycle.

For disabled cyclists then try Bike works whos aim of  "Inclusive cycling for all, encouraging the health and wellbeing of everybody in the community we live in." fits very well with Havering Cyclists. They hold club meets in Victoria park and also offer Bikes for Hire. Another organisation is Wheels for Wellbeing

General Advice is available from various sources on the Internet, the following is a good source of advice for riders of all abilities

The main London Cyclists advice is available at http://lcc.org.uk/pages/advice

Why Cycle is a good site for impartial advice at http://www.whycycle.co.uk/

Cycling Tips and advice are available at http://www.cyclingadvice.co.uk/ and also at Cycle.org.uk

For road cycling go to http://www.road-bike.co.uk/

For general advice on all things cycling then goto British Cycling